Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Butterball Gift Program Work?

The Butterball Gift Checks have been in circulation for nearly 30 years, nation-wide, and truly are a great way to say “thanks” to your hard working employees, show your appreciation to your loyal customers and offer assistance to those in need during the holiday season. The Butterball gift checks powered by Array Enterprises are accepted at virtually any grocery store, nation-wide, that accepts checks and carries Butterball products. This program is extremely budget friendly, as you can choose any denomination, up to $50. Your recipient can use their gift check on a Butterball turkey product, or other grocery food items to complement their holiday meal.


Do you offer Gift Checks in Canadian Dollars?

Yes! Please contact Customer Service if you are interested in purchasing Canadian Dollar Gift Cheques.


What if I lose or damage my Butterball Gift Check? What should I do?

Per our terms and conditions, we are not liable nor able to replace Butterball Gift Checks if lost, stolen or damaged (washed, torn, written on, etc.).


Do the Butterball Gift Checks expire?

No, the Butterball Gift Checks powered by Array Enterprises do not have expiration dates.


What can I use my Butterball Gift Check on?

Butterball Gift Checks can be used toward your favorite Butterball product, or other grocery food items to compliment your holiday meal.


How can I pay for my online Butterball Gift Check order?

We offer 2 convenient payment solutions. 1. You can choose to be invoiced when you complete your online order if you’d like to pay via check or wire-transfer (or ACH deposit). Simply submit your order and follow the payment instructions that are emailed to you on the invoice. 2. If you’d like to pay via credit card, and your order total is under $10,000.00*, follow the credit card payment instructions when you are placing your order. *Due to credit card processing restrictions, and fraud protection, we are not able to process orders over $10,000.00 via credit card. Additionally, multiple credit cards cannot be used to pay a bill over $10,000.


Why is there a check service fee?

The check service fee covers our administrative costs, check printing, bank (check clearing) fees, and advertising of the Butterball Gift Check Program.


Do you provide quantity discounts?

For orders over $1,000 you can contact us to see if any special pricing is available. Contact via the Customer Service page.


How quickly does Array process orders?

Array typically processes orders within 24-48 business hours (CST), once payment is received and verified. After processing, your order will ship. If you have special delivery requirements, please contact our customer care representatives and we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.


What is Array's shipping policy?

Your order will ship after processing and packaging, generally within 48 hours, (CST). Once your order ships, the email address provided will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship checks until payment has been received in full.

If you pay via credit card and require your shipment be sent same day, please call 888.876.GIFT (4438).

For your protection, orders placed via credit card may be verified via phone or email prior to shipment. If this occurs, the billing contact will be contacted by an Array representative within 24 business hours of placing the order.

Your order will print and ship from our facility in the suburbs of Chicago.

FedEx Ground shipping is free for orders over $500 (limit 5 locations). Below is the standard FedEx Ground shipping time. Expedited shipping is available at an additional charge, or you can provide your UPS or FedEx account number*. Note that weather or conditions outside our control may delay delivery.

*FedEx accounts are 9 numerical digits, and UPS accounts are 6 digits (often alphanumeric).


Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can contact us any time via email at [email protected], or call us at 1888.876.GIFT (4438). A customer service representative from Array will be back in touch with you within 12 business hours, typically within a few hours of receiving contact inquiry (Monday-Friday). For additional ways to contact us, visit the Customer Service page or contact your account representative.


Can I customize or personalize my gift checks with a special message and/or my company logo?

Yes! Tell your employees or customers how valued they are by adding a personal message (up to 400 characters) on the top portion of the gift check. You can also upload your company logo, in black and white, for use on your gift checks as well. This new feature really adds a professional touch to your special gift!


Can I print my employee's name on the "pay to the order of" line?

We have been asked by major retailers to leave the “pay to the order of” line blank in an effort to ensure a seamless transaction for your gift check recipients. Just like a personal check, your employee or customer will put the store’s name right on the “pay to the order of” line and hand it over to the cashier. Not only will keeping this line blank make using the gift checks easier, but this will protect your gift in the event that employee turnover makes a personalized check unusable.


I have a special request; can you accomodate me?

Anytime our customers have a unique, or special request, we will always do what we can to accommodate their needs. Please contact your account representative or our Customer Service team to assist you further.


I need to ship my order to multiple locations, is this something you can help me with?

If your order is more than $500, we will ship via Free FedEx Ground, up to 5 locations. For more than 5 locations, you will be billed accordingly, or you can provide your FedEx/UPS account number. In order for us to gather all of the necessary information to fulfill your multi-ship request, you must use [this form] to provide the addresses. Immediately after you place your gift check order, you can email the completed multiple shipping form to our customer service team at [email protected], and reference your order confirmation number in the subject line.


Will Butterball donate to my cause, charity or non-profit organization?

Any Butterball affiliated donations, must be approved and handled by Butterball directly. You can contact Butterball to inquire at 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372).